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How To Create Your Own Storyboards

I decided to write a little update to last week’s Storyboard post. I realized after posting about making storyboards as a great way to tell a story using a series of photos that I never actually told you how I make them. My bad! A few people have asked me since that post to give them some pointers on how to make these fun storyboards for themselves. Well, here’s a quick tutorial of the way

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Creating Storyboards

love Flickr for the inspiration I receive when browsing through some of the millions of photos hosted there. Many times, I come across photographers that are so creative that I have to add them to my contacts list so I can be inspired by their new photos that pop up every time I log in. (I love this contact list feature on Flickr!) One such photographer is inkyblack. She has a way of photograph

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Favorite Things – The Fair at Night

Anyone who’s visited our house could tell you that I love lights. Lots of them. I love small, colorful lights, none of which would be enough to light up much of anything on their own, but together create a magical warmth. So you can imagine how in awe I am of the Fair at night, when the lights go on and the whole place looks like it’s on fire. We went to the Fair this weekend and I had a chan

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Photo Projects and Gallery

DP Blogs has posted September’s photo challenge — favorite things. See what we’ve come up with so far! Chris’ favorites — cooking, The Fair at night, video games Amy’s favorites — chocolate and Sophia ————————————————————————————- We’ve accepted the Photo a Day Challenge! Check back daily for a new

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Yo Mamma Likes Ubuntu

Actually, my mom loves Ubuntu. My mother is like most parents these days - they buy a computer at Best Buy or Walmart and they take it home, plug it in and start using the web. The computer they bought usually has Windows on it and some form of AOL. After about 8 months of using the computer is becomes “slow” so they begin asking around for help. Usually some “helpful” person tells them th

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Point & Shoot Depth of Field – Part II

So you’ve pulled out your camera manual, figured out what your optical zoom level is (and how to make sure you don’t exceed it) and how to turn on macro, right? Good. Now you’re ready to begin playing around. Actually getting depth of field effects with a point & shoot can feel like trial and error until you begin to understand how your camera’s optics work, so get ready to take a whol

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Point & Shoot Depth of Field – Part I Thumbnail

Point & Shoot Depth of Field – Part I

Mike just wrote a little informational post about what depth of field is, which reminded me that I had a fun idea for an article. See, depth of field effects are a great way to highlight part of your photograph by naturally blurring parts of the image and leaving other parts in focus. More blur is called a “short depth of field” and less blur is usually called “long depth of field.” Stepha

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Freaky Fun Photography Tips For Halloween

Our friends over at Photojojo have come up with some tricks and treats for taking ghoulishly great Halloween photos. (Sorry about all the goofy Halloween-speak. I just really love this time of year!) It’s a great read, and I would totally suggest it for some helpful tips on photographing jack-o-lanterns (with links to great pumpkin carving downloads), when to use flash and tripods, and making

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Practicing Rembrandt Light

A while back, Stephanie at I Speak Film did a piece about Rembrandt light, and I have been meaning to play around a little with what I’ve learned ever since then. The key in Rembrandt lighting is to have one side of your subject’s face lit from a main light source, with the other side in dramatic shadow. At the same time, you are also trying to create a triangle of light under the shadowed

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Printing Your Photos? Cheap Paper Here!

Since I’d like to think that you all are using some of our tips and shooting your own kids with all your new knowledge, you probably have quite a few pretty good digital photos in your queue by now — maybe some that are even worth displaying. Don’t just leave them sitting in the netherworld of your camera’s memory card. And don’t just download them to some folder on your computer and for

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Portraits 101

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to take a good portrait, especially now that my daughter is quite used to a camera pointed into her face and doesn’t seem to mind me getting up close to shoot her. So I was really please to come across some good tips on making portraits on Photodoto. Since faces are so expressive and give such a good indication in a portrait of emotion and personali

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